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Our New Favorite Snack!

Ok. I have to admit that this was not my idea. My five-year-old has been telling me for about a month to make these for a snack and I just didn’t listen. I am stubborn, what can I say? Also, in my defense, they didn’t sound that appetizing. I do not know what to call them. So if someone knows, or has a good idea for a name, please leave a post and let me know.

You start with half of a graham cracker. Then you put just enough peanut butter to hold the banana slices in place-yes, peanut butter and bananas! hmmm. Now you know why I was hesitant to try this. I thought to take a picture before I devoured the last one. Here is what they look like.











The girls loved them. I thought they were as good as cookies, but from what I can figure they have fewer calories. And they definitely have better nutritional value than cookies. They make a wonderful sweet treat. If you try them, let me know if you like it.


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Black Widow…SPIDER!

So my Dad and his brother were cleaning my Grandmother’s AC unit and found a black widow in her web.

Did they kill it? No

Did they spray for spiders for my Grandmother? No

Did they borrow a jar from my Grandmother, package the Black Widow safely in the jar, and bring the jar to me? YES! LOL

Here she is!











What? Can’t see it? lol Ok there is a tiny black dot almost exactly (that is a mathematical term I learned in college)  in the middle of the picture to the left of the glare. NO, I wasn’t about to open the lid to get a better picture. Are you crazy?!

So, now that the kids have been told that little black spiders with a red hourglass on their belly are very dangerous, what should I do with her? Leave me a post and let me know what you think. Kill her? :-0  I thought it might be interesting to catch a mosquito and put it in the jar… maybe not.

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Hubby feeling better

Poor hubby had an upper respiratory infection last week and then the meds the doctor gave him made him very ill and caused internal bleeding. Goodness! He has to go back in a week and do more tests to be sure it was the medicines causing the problems and to be sure the internal bleeding has stopped. Anyway, he is feeling much better. Thanks to all who prayed for him. It was a rough week.

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Finally! After three weeks and 24 inches of rain the sun is shining! 🙂 Ok, It might not have been 24 inches, but it was close. I had a trashcan sitting outside and there was about two feet of water in it that I had to dump out. I am a sunshine girl and the constant rain puts me in a mood. Not only is the sun out- the weather is cooler and there is a breeze. Fall is here!

The kids and I went outside for some bubble fun.

 Since I was in a mood, I let the house get way out of control messy. So I cleaned house a ton today. And found this-

Some beans that little half-pint had glued on a “B” for school last week. Apparently she put them in a bucket of water. I asked her and she said, “yeah, I wathed them.” I said, “Well, you GREW them!” lol So we are going to take them and plant them in something to watch them grow as a science project.

The girls are excited about this.

Baby boy paused from his breakfast to think about those interesting seeds. Those are PopTarts on his head- not his Halloween costume. 😉

The house is looking so much better and I feel wonderful now that I have gotten a little sunshine. Hope you get your sunshine today too!

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One way to save money over time is to stockpile things. Any given week at the grocery store only about one twelfth of the store is actually at rock bottom prices. The items on sale rotate and within about three months everything in the store will have been at rock bottom prices. So if you stock up with a three month supply on the non-perishables when they are at rock bottom, throughout the course of the year you will be saving quite a bit.

There were some canned goods on sale at Kroger that were at the lowest price I have seen them in a while. So I stocked up. Maybe not quite enough for 3 months, but my storage space is limited right now.

 To help me make space in my pantry, baby boy cleaned out a few things!

 I saved about $14 on canned goods that I would have bought anyway just by buying when they were on super sale. If I do that three more times this year, I will have saved $56 this year on a few canned goods. Not bad! I am working on some storage ideas and will post those later this week. Because if you stockpile, you need a place to store it. And baby boy’s way of doing things doesn’t work well for very long. 😉

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Today is the last day to get free chocolate if you want some. You enter your birthdate. Then you do have to give them your mailing address because they mail the coupon to you. They do mail the coupon to you. I have gotten mine! 🙂

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My Thirtieth Bithday Cake

You might think it strange that I wanted to make my own cake. I really, really enjoy baking. I also enjoy baking new things. I saw several different cake ideas over the last couple of months and really wanted to combine a couple of the things I saw to make something new. My mom cooked my birthday dinner for a bunch of people, four of them from out-of-town and she works full-time. So, since I had my heart set on this cake, I felt it would have been cruel to ask my mom to take on such an undertaking with so much going on. And I really do enjoy baking!

My cake idea was to have a checkerboard cake covered in white fondant, quilted, and topped with edible beads at the crosses. Can’t imagine this? I have pictures.

First I had to bake the cake. I bought something to make the cake since I was short on cake pans anyway.So the directions said to pour the cake batter around this thing alternating vanilla and chocolate.








Ok this was rather tedious and messy.  And then you had to lift straight up and pull the rings out and wash and dry them between making each cake layer.








This is what it looked like after taking the rings out. Then I baked it. But it took a while to spoon the different batters into the rings and then wash it every time.  So I decided to just bake 2 chocolate cakes and 2 vanilla cakes and use the rings to cut the circles.








This was much less messy and much easier! It worked wonderfully. Then I took the middle circles out and placed them in the different cakes so that they would be alternating.








You only need two cake mixes- one chocolate and one yellow or white.

Then I stacked the layers with alternating outer rings.








This is what my cake looked like on Friday. Then I decorated it.









Ok. Let me just say it was my first time to use fondant. I was not pleased exactly with the way it turned out so I quit and didn’t “quilt” the sides. The quilting is best done with a ruler and one of those sewing tools that you use to mark the pattern on the fabric. Then I used tiny dots of white icing to hold the edible pearls in the crosses.

Then, when we cut it the next day….

This is what you see:









Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

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