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Candy Cane Craft

I have been doing some early Christmas crafts with the girls since we will be going on vacation in December. This one was easy and kept the girls busy for some time.

To start you need some pipe cleaners, preferably red and white. You also need red and white beads, scissors, and some string.

We cut the pipe cleaners in half. Ok, I cut the pipe cleaners in half. The girls got creative on me and cut them all different lengths. You can see I put a couple beads on one of the pipe cleaners here.


Bending the pipe cleaner around the bottom bead seems to hold it sufficiently. Keep placing alternating beads until you fill the pipe cleaner up, bend the other end around the last bead, and bend into cane shape. I added a gold string so we can use them as ornaments or put them on gifts with the name tags.


Here you can see how the girls got tired creative!


Special thanks to my sister “Cheesy” for the craft idea and supplies!


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We enjoy reading. My kids and I read together for a while every day. We read the Bible daily as a family. My husband and I read at night. All that to say, we read a lot! So we decided to make some bookmarks as a craft project that we could all do together. We cut strips of poster board and painted, glued, glittered, and wrapped them up. Then we punched a hole with a hole punch and ran ribbon through the top. Here are some of them.


This week for Bible we are reading about how the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and how the Egyptians didn’t cross the Red Sea…

So we made a little chariot from a half gallon milk carton and some pipe cleaners. I had to remember to buy a half gallon because I don’t have much use for a half gallon normally since we go through 5-6 gallons of milk each week. Baby boy will start drinking milk in a week or so and I am sure we will go through more then. Here is our chariot. Just for the record-I am pretty sure that the Egyptians did NOT have unicorns, but I was the first horse looking thing I found this morning.

Baby boy has learned a new trick- climbing the walls! I know I am going to have to start putting pants on him more often as it is getting cool out, but it is sooooooooooooooooo difficult to get the pants on him. His little thighs and legs are so chunky that I can barely get 18 mos pants on him. Then the 18 mos pants are much too long. I know that the cloth diapers don’t help, but I really do prefer them. And with the health risks of disposables, don’t think I will be switching anytime soon.

And up next is half-pint for her share of the blog time. She colored a beautiful picture of Cinderella and her prince today. Yes, those are the doors to the “rainy day” house  (on the right of the picture) that probably needs to be put back in hiding. The rain is still here, but the girl’s interest in the house is not. I need to go now. Half-pint wants me to read a book to her about Cordur”boy” before her nap time. 🙂

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