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Candy Cane Craft

I have been doing some early Christmas crafts with the girls since we will be going on vacation in December. This one was easy and kept the girls busy for some time.

To start you need some pipe cleaners, preferably red and white. You also need red and white beads, scissors, and some string.

We cut the pipe cleaners in half. Ok, I cut the pipe cleaners in half. The girls got creative on me and cut them all different lengths. You can see I put a couple beads on one of the pipe cleaners here.


Bending the pipe cleaner around the bottom bead seems to hold it sufficiently. Keep placing alternating beads until you fill the pipe cleaner up, bend the other end around the last bead, and bend into cane shape. I added a gold string so we can use them as ornaments or put them on gifts with the name tags.


Here you can see how the girls got tired creative!


Special thanks to my sister “Cheesy” for the craft idea and supplies!


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We enjoy reading. My kids and I read together for a while every day. We read the Bible daily as a family. My husband and I read at night. All that to say, we read a lot! So we decided to make some bookmarks as a craft project that we could all do together. We cut strips of poster board and painted, glued, glittered, and wrapped them up. Then we punched a hole with a hole punch and ran ribbon through the top. Here are some of them.


This week for Bible we are reading about how the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and how the Egyptians didn’t cross the Red Sea…

So we made a little chariot from a half gallon milk carton and some pipe cleaners. I had to remember to buy a half gallon because I don’t have much use for a half gallon normally since we go through 5-6 gallons of milk each week. Baby boy will start drinking milk in a week or so and I am sure we will go through more then. Here is our chariot. Just for the record-I am pretty sure that the Egyptians did NOT have unicorns, but I was the first horse looking thing I found this morning.

Baby boy has learned a new trick- climbing the walls! I know I am going to have to start putting pants on him more often as it is getting cool out, but it is sooooooooooooooooo difficult to get the pants on him. His little thighs and legs are so chunky that I can barely get 18 mos pants on him. Then the 18 mos pants are much too long. I know that the cloth diapers don’t help, but I really do prefer them. And with the health risks of disposables, don’t think I will be switching anytime soon.

And up next is half-pint for her share of the blog time. She colored a beautiful picture of Cinderella and her prince today. Yes, those are the doors to the “rainy day” house  (on the right of the picture) that probably needs to be put back in hiding. The rain is still here, but the girl’s interest in the house is not. I need to go now. Half-pint wants me to read a book to her about Cordur”boy” before her nap time. 🙂

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Rainy Day Fun

It has been a very cold and wet fall for us so far. There have been few days for the kids to go outside. Finding things for the kids to do during these weeks often takes its toll on me and gives me cabin fever. However, these past few weeks I have not had the luxury of having a vehicle. So I have been looking for other things to keep us occupied. 


The girls like to play Guess Who and Hi Ho Cherry-O, but I can only play those so many times. They are still young enough to need a little help playing these together. I also keep several of our big items that family have given us put away in the garage so that I have something fun to pull out when the weather doesn’t cooperate for weeks at a time.


I have an inflatable ball pit and a Rose Petal Cottage that are just too big to keep out on a regular basis. (These are good items to look for at yard and consignment sales since they are expensive.) The kids are so excited when I get these out though. They play for hours! Here the girls are telling the “delivery boy” that he can’t come in the house. Poor baby boy! He needs a brother. He had knocked their house down twice already at this point. You don’t need a sheet over the top of it, but the girls like to back it up to a wall and angle it so that they have more space in their house. And then they want a sheet to cover the open part of the roof.

But who couldn’t use some new rainy day ideas? Kimberly at Raising Olives is giving away some perfect rainy day toys from Hasbro. Check out Kimberly at Raising Olives  and leave a comment to win Giraffalaff Limbo and Scatterpillar Scramble. She also has one of the best descriptions of dealing with Sibling Squabbles biblically that I have ever read. I encourage anyone with children still at home to read it. Or if you have little ones in your future to print it out and save it. You will need it! 🙂

Baby boy always makes these funny faces when I stick the camera in his face! He doesn’t look like himself to me when I see him in pictures.

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Our New Favorite Snack!

Ok. I have to admit that this was not my idea. My five-year-old has been telling me for about a month to make these for a snack and I just didn’t listen. I am stubborn, what can I say? Also, in my defense, they didn’t sound that appetizing. I do not know what to call them. So if someone knows, or has a good idea for a name, please leave a post and let me know.

You start with half of a graham cracker. Then you put just enough peanut butter to hold the banana slices in place-yes, peanut butter and bananas! hmmm. Now you know why I was hesitant to try this. I thought to take a picture before I devoured the last one. Here is what they look like.











The girls loved them. I thought they were as good as cookies, but from what I can figure they have fewer calories. And they definitely have better nutritional value than cookies. They make a wonderful sweet treat. If you try them, let me know if you like it.

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My Thirtieth Bithday Cake

You might think it strange that I wanted to make my own cake. I really, really enjoy baking. I also enjoy baking new things. I saw several different cake ideas over the last couple of months and really wanted to combine a couple of the things I saw to make something new. My mom cooked my birthday dinner for a bunch of people, four of them from out-of-town and she works full-time. So, since I had my heart set on this cake, I felt it would have been cruel to ask my mom to take on such an undertaking with so much going on. And I really do enjoy baking!

My cake idea was to have a checkerboard cake covered in white fondant, quilted, and topped with edible beads at the crosses. Can’t imagine this? I have pictures.

First I had to bake the cake. I bought something to make the cake since I was short on cake pans anyway.So the directions said to pour the cake batter around this thing alternating vanilla and chocolate.








Ok this was rather tedious and messy.  And then you had to lift straight up and pull the rings out and wash and dry them between making each cake layer.








This is what it looked like after taking the rings out. Then I baked it. But it took a while to spoon the different batters into the rings and then wash it every time.  So I decided to just bake 2 chocolate cakes and 2 vanilla cakes and use the rings to cut the circles.








This was much less messy and much easier! It worked wonderfully. Then I took the middle circles out and placed them in the different cakes so that they would be alternating.








You only need two cake mixes- one chocolate and one yellow or white.

Then I stacked the layers with alternating outer rings.








This is what my cake looked like on Friday. Then I decorated it.









Ok. Let me just say it was my first time to use fondant. I was not pleased exactly with the way it turned out so I quit and didn’t “quilt” the sides. The quilting is best done with a ruler and one of those sewing tools that you use to mark the pattern on the fabric. Then I used tiny dots of white icing to hold the edible pearls in the crosses.

Then, when we cut it the next day….

This is what you see:









Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

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The Operational Definition of the Character Quality Creativity is approaching a need, a task, an idea from a new perspective.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is- his good, pleasing and perfect will.” – Paul of Tarsus, Romans 12:2

I don’t think of myself as creative artistically, but when it comes to problem solving I am more creative. Under this category I plan to share some of my organizational creativeness and some creative endeavors I have experienced. When difficulties arise, we have to trust that God has given us all we need to navigate the situation. It may just call for a little creativity!

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