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Although I am not a big supporter of our family spending much time on the computer, I do believe that we all need to know how to use a computer. After teaching proper care and computer safety, I teach my children how to open a few applications such as Word, a browser, or a game. Next I think they should learn to type properly. Currently my 5 five-year old is working on typing. She has mastered the home row and is working on others now. I have heard good things about Mavis Beacon teaches typing, but for now we are using a free program called Dance Mat typing. The levels are very cute for younger children and there are little surprises and sounds for completing a typed row. My five-year old says she likes typing and my three-year old begs to “play” it. You can have the keys shown on the screen or have them hidden depending on how advanced your child is. I have to get off the computer. My kids want to type! 🙂


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