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How God gave me a husband

My freshman year in college I was best friends with my third cousin. In September, third cousin started asking me if I had met my cousin’s roommate. (No I was not related to EVERYONE at the college. :-)) I told him I had not…repeatedly. And every time third cousin would say, “I really think you would like this guy.” I wasn’t interested. There were plenty of guys on campus and I had not had good luck with being set up. That just never seemed to work. Family weekend came along first weekend of October and my family and cousin’s family came to visit. Everyone came to see my dorm room and then we went to go see cousin’s room. I didn’t really want to go. I can’t remember why now, just being a self-centered busy college student I guess. So there we were- all 9 of us- standing in cousin’s dorm room when unsuspecting hubby to be walked in. I remember my sister, we’ll just call her Cheesy, elbowed me and said, “He’s cute, you need to date him!” My mom found out that he spoke French and I was planning on trying to CLEP out of French. She started suggesting that we study French together. Oh dear…

That was Saturday. On Tuesday we went to the campus devotional together. And discovered that he had translated for my grandfather. You see my grandfather went every year to Romania to do mission work. And my hubby at age 14 translated for my grandfather. We still laugh about it because we both know that my grandfather showed us pictures of each other. He was always showing pictures of his grandchildren and he would come back and show us pictures of everyone he had worked with in Romania. We don’t remember seeing the pictures, but we are sure we saw pictures of each other years before we met.

Three weeks into our relationship we both knew that we wanted to get married. Ten months after we met we got married. I am so thankful to God for sending hubby to me. I can’t imagine the last 10 years without him!


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