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Many people pay for credit monitoring and while I do see the value in this I never actually want to pay for it. By law though you are allowed to see your credit report, not score, from each of the three credit reporting companies once a year. This allows you to see if the information is correct and to make sure that no one else is using your name and social security number. You can also see if there are any items in collections on your account. Getting this report does not affect your score because they are not actually running your credit and they do not give you your credit score. It is just a safety measure for you to identify identity theft.

When hubby and I went to buy our first house we found out that someone had used my name and social security number to activate a phone account somewhere in Illinois. It had been in collections for about 2-3 years and we didn’t even know! To get it off of my credit I had to file a report with the police department (a detective came to my house and asked me questions about it), then I had to file this police report, notarized copies of our apartment leases to show we were not living in Illinois at the time, and a letter to all three credit companies before they would finally take it off my report. Whew! Anyway, it is a good thing to know what is on your report before you are trying to buy something.

Now, how to monitor your credit. This is just my opinion, you can do it anyway you like, but I think my way is pretty good. ūüôā

Go to https://www.annualcreditreport.com. This is the site set up for you to get your three free reports (one from each company) yearly. If you go to freecreditreport.com you will be enrolling in “Triple Advantage Credit Monitoring” for $14.95/month. Ugh. Ok, so get the correct site. Then I would suggest only getting one from one of the companies: TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax. The information on any one of them should be the same on all of them. So I order one, wait about four months and then order one of the other ones, wait about four months and then order the one I haven’t gotten for the year. In this way I can “monitor” what is on my credit reports. If you order all three at once you have to wait a year before you can order them again. Be careful though, even on this site there are products that you can “check” and will be charged for.

Hope you find this helpful and happy credit monitoring!


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New Shoes

I actually typed this post quite a while ago. The hold-up has been getting a picture of baby boy with his shoes ON. He really doesn’t like them yet. Every time I think to snap a picture he has gotten them off. Anyway, you can scroll down to see my solution! ūüôā

My kids love it when we get to buy new shoes. Doesn’t happen very often around here. Usually we have some hand-me-downs or I pick some up from a consignment sale. But occasionally, they grow unexpectedly or it is much colder earlier than expected and we need shoes. I don’t have boy shoes either, so baby boy got his first shoes today.

overachiever picked out boots to look like her Aunt Loco’s boots. She calls herself “Miss Brown” in this outfit.

Half-pint’s favorite shoes were pink ones on the clearance rack. I did¬†buy¬†her some winter appropriate ones, but these were her favs.


Baby boy didn’t have a choice. Mommy picked them and he really doesn’t like shoes on his feet yet. He did manage to leave his socks on all day yesterday though. Progress.


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Sasha Sews Apron Giveaway

I like just about everything that has to do with homemaking. But sometimes homemaking can be quite messy.¬†Aprons have always been¬†a nice way to keep your clothes clean. They just haven’t always been cute. Check these out.




 Yes! These are aprons. Very fashionable ones I might add. These aprons are reversible and have pockets too.


You can order one at Sasha Sews or you can go leave a comment with Kimberly at Raising Olives for a chance to win one!

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Coupon-ing Nov 8th

I really enjoy shopping. It puts me in a good mood when I save a ton of money.

I figured some of you like to shop too and I wanted to let you all know about a couple of deals at Rite Aid this week.  The Oral B CrossAction toothbrush is free after rebate. Of course, if you have been clipping coupons you have a 75 cents off coupon and after taxes and rebate you will have made about 50 cents like me. Also the GE Reveal 4-pack light bulbs are on sale for 2 for $4 with a $2 rebate which makes them 2 for $2, but if you have been clipping coupons like me, then you have $1 off any GE Reveal light purchase and they are free (after rebate) cause you can use two coupons since you are purchasing two products. 

So here is what I bought:


I did use a $5 rebate check I had and lots of coupons. I spent $12.53 after paying the $5 rebate check. I will get $4.99 in rebates back, but I didn’t subtract it from my total.

If you can tell, Overachiever’s¬†mouth looks kinda blue. Daddy was so impressed with my couponing¬†that we stopped for some rainbow ice cream at TCBY afterwards. Which apparently is yummy and turns your mouth blue, but can give you a tummy ache if you eat too much.


This is¬†just an awful¬†picture! Anyway… I have been saving so much with couponing that I have been able to create a stockpile without spending more than we usually do on toiletries. Here is what I have so far:

  • 48 oz of shampoo
  • 10 bottles of conditioner
  • 12 toothbrushes
  • 33 oz of toothpaste
  • 9 body washes
  • 6 bars of soap
  • 4 deodorants
  • Enough Q-tips to last till the end of time…
  • 6 months worth of razors
  • bottle of mouthwash
  • 2 bottles of¬† hairspray

We don’t use hairspray (it was free) and we can’t go through toothbrushes as fast as I am getting them for free. My husband said, “Why get it if we don’t need it?” I told him that once we have enough for a year stockpiled that I intend to give everything to our church when they do their annual toiletries drive. He agreed that this was a good idea. I can give much more than I could have ever afforded to give if I had to go buy stuff when it comes time to donate. This way I have lots of things to give that haven’t cost me anything. ūüôā

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I took my mom to Rite Aid

I know, I know. Not really much of a girl’s trip, but I hadn’t had a car to get out of the house in three weeks. So of course, we went to Rite Aid. My mom has not shopped in Rite Aid and when we walked in she said, “Wow, it is really quiet in here!” The people who work there are also really friendly and there are never any lines. I know that your Rite Aid might be different, but around here everyone seems to go to Walgreens. Here is what I got. I paid $4.46 in tax and after rebates it was all free. Pretty cool. So I am set on cough drops, saline solution, lip care for the winter, and some allergy/sinus stuff. Oh yeah, and some¬†of those heat pads that you put on your body. I¬†have¬†never tried those before, but will let you know how I like them. I get plenty of aches carrying 20+ pounds of baby boy around every day. ūüôā¬†100_0195

The nice manager at Rite Aid gave me their ad that comes out tomorrow so I could see what the deals would be. I didn’t ask. She just brought it to us. They are having L’Oreal make-up products on BOGO. Mom and I have clipped coupons the past couple of weeks and we have some $2 off coupons for L’Oreal make up. You can actually use 2 coupons since you are getting two products. So we plan to use $4 of coupons on them with the BOGO deal. Should be a pretty good deal.

I also helped her sign up for the Single Check Rebate Program. I don’t know if you remember rebate programs before computers, but they were a horrible pain. You had to fill out forms and mail things. UGH! Once you have an account with Rite Aid you just log in, enter your receipt info, and they process all eligible rebates for you. Then they send you an email when your rebates have been processed and you can go and with one click request your check. Notice though you can only request one rebate per month. So if you don’t wait till the end of the month, you won’t be able to get rebates on stuff later that month.

Here is what my mom got. After coupons and rebates she spent $9! Yay mom! ūüôā


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There were some great coupons in this past Sunday’s paper. The first one for the month always has the P&G Saver coupons. You can get some of the¬†paper coupons online at www.smartsource.com, www.redplum.com, and you can sign up with P&G to get some of their coupons. I think I still find some in the paper that I can’t find online, but it might be a good option for you if you don’t want the hassle or expense of getting a paper.

Here is what I got at Rite Aid. After coupons and rebates and tax I paid a total of $2.20. That is better than shopping at the dollar store and I got nice name brand stuff.











Here is what I bought at Walgreens. After coupons I spent $16.71 before tax, but I got a register rewards coupon for $6 off my next purchase. Actually I had to speak to a manager to get my $6 off coupon. The Walgreens system seems to have some glitches. I read all the fine print and didn’t see any reason why I would not get the $6 coupon, but the coupon printer/computer didn’t print it. The manager disappeared with my receipt for 5-10 min and came back and hand wrote a coupon for me. Needless to say, I am not sure that I will try to shop at Walgreens anymore. Yes, the manager was nice and gave me the coupon, but he did not explain why the computer didn’t give it to me nor did he tell me why I should get it. I assumed that I was correct and that their system was wrong or he wouldn’t have given me the coupon. Seems hardly worth the trouble though. I think I will stick with Rite Aid.











One thing my family has asked me is: “How do you find such great deals?” It is really simple. If you pick up the flyers for Walgreens or Rite Aid or Kroger, they spell out how to get things for cheap. They have the flyers in the store when you first walk in, they mail them to you, and you can find them in the paper. Rite Aid goes so far as to show you the product, the price, the rebates you can get, and tells you to look for related coupons in the paper. It is not brain surgery people. ūüėČ

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Garden Update

The garden is slowly coming to an end. Part of me is sad to see it go and part of me is ready to rip it out and get ready for next year.

The cucumbers slowly took over the yard.











For those of you who don’t know: I started my garden in the middle of the summer. So I haven’t gotten any tomatoes yet. These are the tomatoes as of yesterday.











But we have had plenty of cucumbers-more than we can eat. I have been sharing them with family.











This is a picture of ones I picked one day this week. I did pick a few early because I found moth caterpillar holes in some on the vine. I decided this would be the last big harvest and just picked all the good ones I could find.











It is really nice to have such fresh produce!











Next year I plan on growing dill and having my grandfather teach me how to can the cucumbers to make pickles. I hope to double my garden space for next year because I enjoyed it so much.

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