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Christmas Tour of Homes

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

Well, I am a little late as usual, but I just found out about the tour and thought it would be fun.

Here is our Advent calendar/goody house that we haven’t used this year.

Don’t these look lovely hanging on the old house radio?!? πŸ˜‰

And here is our other tree. Whose lights worked when I set it up a couple weeks ago, but now only a small band around its “waist” work…sad.

All of the ornaments on this tree are handmade by my mil!

Hope you enjoyed your “tour”!


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Name Change

Half pint does not like her cyber name. She has requested that I change it to Little Bit. Since this new name conveys the same meaning, I have decided to comply with her request. So let it be written, let it be done. From here on Half pint will be called Little Bit….until I slip up and use the wrong name. πŸ™‚ She picked a couple of pictures for me to put on here with this post.

Little Bit says, “With this ice cream beard I really don’t look like me. You might want to say blog.” She and overachiever are always telling me to take pictures of things to put on my blog. Oh my little bloggers! lol

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Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch today and I was so excited about all the cute pictures I was going to get of my kids on the hay ride and picking pumpkins and…I forgot my camera. 😦 I was so disappointed. My sister would have been all over it. I really need her here. It was lots of fun. Wish I could show you all.

Baby boy got in the cabinet when we got home. It comes in a close second to the pumpkin patch activities. πŸ™‚


And here are the kids with their pumpkins. WOW! All three smiling.Β  πŸ™‚

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surprise, surprise. The black widow killed a small black cricket I caught yesterday. I didn’t think about it at the time, but I may have killed two birds bugs with one blow. I caught the cricket awfully easily. He was in the house and I think he was dying from the bug spray on the door frame. So spidey may be dying shortly from the cricket. Not that I will be sad to see her go. It will save me the trouble of deciding how to kill her. Not sure what the kids will think. Half-pint is attached to spidey and overachiever gets attached to the “scared” bugs we feed her. I am really ready to be done with all the extra drama. Not to mention explaining to my visiting relatives why we have a black widow in a jar on my kitchen counter. So the next time I post about spidey maybe it will be her obituary.

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Friday I tried something new for half-pint during our home school time. It was an idea I got from MyFriendConnie at Smockity Frocks. So I wrote the numbers 1-12 in an empty egg carton and gave her some pinto beans to count and place the appropriate number of beans in each little egg bowl. (It was such a hit that overachiever had to try it.) Half-pint would jump up after every time she placed a bean and run in circles around the house or dance a little bit before placing the next bean. At first I thought it was just because she was having so much fun. Then I got suspicious. I figured a quick trip to the bathroom might fix the fidgety problem. No, she explained, her imaginary friend, Emily, was making her get up and run after every bean placed! LOL Well, turns out that it was the pee-pee ballerina incognito! If you know what I mean.

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Baby Boy does chores!

I meant to put this in the last post but forgot with all the cryingΒ diligent work on chores going on.

So here is baby boy doing chores.

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Matt 6:25

“Do not worry about your life,….what you will wear.” It is so innate to worry about what you wear, and what you will eat. This morning I got baby boy dressed. And it brought the girls to tears.

No, not figuratively. Baby boys outfit really brought the house down in tears! “Mommy, I want an outfit like that! Why don’t I have overalls?” Oh, mylanta! In our house the girls wear skirts or dresses. I will post about that when I have a little more time. Anyway, the girls finally found outfits to wear.

By the time I am finishing this post overachiever has already changed clothes again because the pockets in the jumper were driving her crazy. The teachable moments just keep coming fast and hard today. I hope we can whip (not literally) it in to shape before our company gets here tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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