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Fighting the Flu

Since we will not be getting the flu vaccine ever again I have been looking for ways to boost our immune systems. I ran across this very helpful site written by a nurse called Raise Healthy Eaters. She has a post about eating healthfully to boost your immune system. She gives more detail, but there are 10 foods she encourages you to eat. I had 8 of 10 in my house, but hadn’t known to focus on making sure everyone gets these on a regular basis. Here is her list of foods. Again, she explains more on her site, but I am just listing the foods.

  1. oranges
  2. yogurt
  3. nuts
  4. Vitamin D
  5. winter squash
  6. milk
  7. protein
  8. certain fats
  9. avocado
  10. eggs

I encourage you to check out www.RaiseHealthyEaters.com where you can find all kinds of wonderful nutrition information. 🙂

My kids are eating home-made bread and yogurt here.


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