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How to Make a Skirt in One Hour

Needed for this project:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric (just over two yards)
  • Elastic
  • Pins

I have trouble finding skirts that I like that fit the way I want them to. So I have started making my own skirts. When you pick your fabric at the store be sure to look for the washing instructions on the end of the bolt. You want to be sure to get fabric that will work with your washing habits. I need just over two yards to make a long skirt, but I am short. I like the fabric selection at JoAnns. They also have 40% off coupons weekly, so I always take a coupon and get a good deal on fabric. Most of my skirts cost less than $15 to make.

Once you have your fabric you will want to wash and dry it according to the instructions you checked in the store. I did not include the washing time in making the skirt.

If you have a pattern you could use it to cut the fabric. I do not have a pattern, but for the type of skirt I like I don’t really need one. I just use a long straight skirt that fits and add a little to it. You can see below that I would add about three inches to the fullness of my straight skirt to get the look I like. You will need two of these cut out of the fabric. You will also need to have 3-4 extra inches in length for the hem and elastic waist.

Here is what my fabric looked like after I cut it out. I really didn’t mean for the fabric/skirt to get narrower at the bottom of the skirt, but it turned out fine. Generally though I would say to keep the bottom of the skirt wider than the top!

I first sewed the top by folding it down 1/4 inch and sewing. You can do this first if you are making a long skirt and slight length changes would not show. Otherwise you might want to do the sides (next step) before this one.

Next place the right sides together and sew the sides. I sewed the sides and then zig-zagged them to help prevent fraying.

Then fold the waist down again and sew, leaving a 1 inch hole to work the elastic through. How much you fold down depends on what size elastic you get. I would recommend 3/4 inch or 1 inch elastic. You want to be sure to sew it so there is enough room for the elastic without it folding over in the skirt. (This step doesn’t have a picture, but you can see what I did in the next picture.

Attach a safety-pin to your elastic and work it though. Be sure to safety-pin the elastic and try it on at this point. Make any necessary adjustments to the elastic then sew it back and forth several times. After the elastic is sewn tightly, you can sew up the hole you left. At this point try it on again and see how much you need to hem.

Lastly, fold the bottom of the skirt over twice so that no unfinished edge shows and pin in place. This is the hem. Once you sew this you have a finished skirt! It honestly does take about an hour. I actually made this skirt one morning before church because I didn’t have anything I wanted to wear.


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