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These are for families visiting with small children. Go figure!

Several times I had to wait with my three-year old and one year old while my husband and five-year old rode a “big ride” that the little ones couldn’t ride. We discovered the penny presses located near the exits of the rides and in shops. Yes, I spent 50 cents to $1.50 every time we had to wait, but Little-bit really had fun and was excited when we got to go look for a penny press. Sure beats sitting bored. Or worse, tears cause she didn’t get to go on the ride. Walt Disney World sells little collector’s books for the pennies and Little-bit had a great time showing everyone the pennies she had found.

When my family went to Walt Disney World, we treated the Walt Disney World RailRoad in Magic Kingdom as a ride…one we weren’t interested in. With little ones though, I highly suggest hopping on! It beats lugging everyone across the park. You can hop on at the entrance and get off right between Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad or you can get off in Mickey’s Toontown Fair. Mickey’s Toontown Fair doesn’t open until 10 am. It is a great place to meet characters and for “shorter” people to get to ride a rollercoaster. The height requirement is only 35 inches, so Little-bit rode it six times! 🙂


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